January 24, 2015

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The 11th annual Victoria Water Garden Tour is a self-guided tour of gardens and outdoor spaces in which water features such as fountains, waterfalls, ponds, streams and lakes have a defining role. A well-balanced water garden provides a pesticide-free environment for birds and other wildlife, while providing a soothing and relaxing atmosphere for all to enjoy.


The gardens that are chosen this year represent a mixture of features, from the relatively simple to the more involved, and from self-created to designer-created. This range provides the visitor with a tour rich in visual texture and with a vision of what is possible. The serenity of the musical accompaniment complements the visual images to produce a tranquil and relaxing ambiance for a day’s outing.

Water Garden Tour

Enjoying the beauty of a water garden

2017 is our 11th year for this special water garden tour! It features gardens that portray what can be achieved in the uniquely picturesque Victoria environment and the more rural and open environment of the Saanich Peninsula. Fountains and streams, ponds and waterfalls will delight, and the surrounding suburban and rural landscapes in this year’s Tour will inspire the imagination; all helped by the melodies from the hands of our musicians. Light refreshments will be available at one of the gardens, providing you with an opportunity to relax while learning about the For The Love of Africa Society that has organized the Tour.

FTLOA Volunteers

For the Love of Africa Volunteers

The route of the tour is clearly indicated on the ticket you purchase. Each location is numbered and there are signs at the first major junction before the home you are visiting, as well as at the home itself. The latter sign will have the colourful flags of Canada and Tanzania.

Every water garden has at least two volunteers of the For The Love of Africa Society who are available to answer questions about the Society. Each volunteer is identified through their colourful T-shirts, their name badges, and their welcoming faces.

They will be happy to help you.