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11 Years and counting

The 2017 Victoria Water Garden Tour is a self-guided tour of designated outstanding local gardens and outdoor spaces which showcase unique water features such as fountains, waterfalls, ponds, streams and lakes. These well-balanced water gardens provide a pesticide-free environment for birds, pollinators and other wildlife while providing a soothing and relaxing atmosphere for all to enjoy.

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Art. Music. Water Gardens

The gardens that have been chosen this year represent a range of simply elegant creations to botanical extravaganzas that will provides the visitor with an experience rich in visual texture and wonderful smells that set free your inner gardener’s imagination. Add in the tranquility of some live musical accompaniment to these visual and olfactory senses and enjoy your day of meandering through some amazing gardens!

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Easy to Follow Map

Not a great street navigator? You can relax. The route of the tour is clearly indicated on the ticket you purchase. Each location is numbered and there are signs at the first major junction before the home you are visiting as well as at the home itself. The destination garden sign will have the colourful flags of Canada and Tanzania…you won’t miss it!

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Designers On-site

Light refreshments will be available at one of the gardens providing you with an opportunity to relax and learn about the organizer of this event; For the Love of Africa Society. Every water garden has volunteers, many who are members of the For the Love of Africa Society (FTLOA) and who are available to answer questions about the society. Each volunteer is identified through their colourful T-shirts, their name badges, and their welcoming faces.


We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this water garden tour success.

Thank-you to our ticket purchasers. as without you buying tickets and attending the tour, we wouldn’t have this successful fundraiser.

Thank-you to the Homeowners. We won’t list your names, but our society are most grateful that you made your beautiful gardens available for the tour, and spend countless hours in preparation. All the gardens were a delight to visit, your water features were spectacular, and everyone enjoyed the day.

Thank-you to the Musicians you created beautiful music at most gardens on the tour. Each of you are extremely talented and the society thanks you for your participation.

Thank-you to the Artists who's presence in the gardens was extremely beneficial to everyone.
Thank-you so much for your time and talent.

Thank-you to the Designers:
Dave Jewitt of Ponds’ Victoria
Aaron Wing of Chi Earth & Waterscapes
Tony Huibers of Shibusa Ponds and Landscape Services Ltd.

The designers created water features that were truly amazing. The society extends our appreciation to each one of you.

Thank-you to our Sponsors as your participation made our tour a true success. Because of this we extend our sincerest wishes.

Wayne & Cindy Garner of JONESco Real Estate Inc.
(tour refreshment sponsor)
Sharen Warde & Larry Sims of Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty
(pre-tour sponsors)
Home Hardware
Megson FitzPatrick Insurance Services
Wizard Screens & More Victoria

Thank-you – to the Ticket Outlets Each of you sold tickets and put up posters. We thank-you so much for doing this. Without ticket sales our tour wouldn’t exist.
Brown’s the Florist – all locations
Dig This – all locations
Dinter Nursery – Duncan
Elk Lake Garden Cenre
Gardenworks – all Greater Victoria locations
Wildwood Outdoor Living Centre (at Cannor Nursery)

Thank-you to all of the volunteers The tour depends on you. The society realizes the work you do is absolutely necessary to a successful tour. Our appreciation and sincere thanks extend to each and every one of you.

Thank-you to members of the Water Garden Committee for your years of dedication and commitment to the society. Your work is necessary to keep this tour an annual event
(particularly Jane Nuttall who did so much of the work).

Thank you to this years sponsors

Gardens from our 2017 Tour

A recap of the 2017 Gardens. Watch for more details about the 2018 tour.

1. bursting with botanical vigour

North Saanich
3/4 acre of spectacular gardens, bursting with botanical vigour along gentle paths that follow streams, waterfalls & ponds. Designer- Dave Jewitt, Ponds Victoria

2. Oasis of outdoor living

Brentwood Bay
Oasis of outdoor living enhanced with fruit trees & ponds that separate peaceful patio spaces giving endless opportunities to enjoy all.

3. tranquil pond and impressive flowers

Cordova Bay
Beautiful, large garden with a tranquil pond, impressive flowers. Learn about FTLOA’s projects & enjoy LIGHT REFRESHMENTS sponsored by Wayne & Cindy Garner of JONESco Realty

4. Breathtaking ponds & streams

Cordova Bay
One acre of magnificent gardens. From 2 ponds & streams, the property is breathtaking. Both owners are gardeners.

5. Tropical meets West Coast

Cordova Bay
Tropical meets West Coast – 2 beautiful homeowner designed koi ponds, with overhanging palm trees, hug the homes front entrance & greet you with the serene sounds of tumbling water.

6. delicate stream flows over ivy covered overhang

Blenkinsop Valley
Lovely rural landscape holds a special spot where a delicate stream flows over an ivy covered rock overhang into a small pond, surrounded by a natural, mossy rock garden setting & canopy of Garry oak

7. large natural rock outcropping

Cedar Hill Cross
Wonderful garden, lovingly designed by homeowners with a stream appearing from the base of a large natural rock outcropping & tumbling down to a relaxing patio

8. lush shrubs with a large koi pond

Gordon Head
Serene garden with a profusion of lush shrubs in harmony with a large koi pond adds perfection to your stroll on the path or relaxing in a chair.

9. Tranquil woodland garden

10 Mile Point
Tranquil woodland garden with a beautiful stream winding down & over rock ledges in to a pond – peaceful sounds & calm setting provides much enjoyment on their patio. Designer – Tony Huibers, Shibusa Pond & Landscape Services

10. cascading waterfalls to a large pond

Gordon Head
Impressive large rocks dramatically frame the sloping landscape with new plantings & a stream cascading over waterfalls down to a large pond which greets you at the home’s front door. Designer- Aaron Wing, Chi Earth & Waterscapes

11. Gentle waterfall garden with raised beds

Gordon Head
Soothing sounds from a gentle waterfall in an impressive pond – garden enhanced with raised beds of fruit & veggies


Learn more about this years Designers

All Proceeds go to the For the Love of Africa Society of Victoria. Together we can bring health and hope to one small part of the African continent. We are not just a society, but a community working together for the benefits of not only the people in Tanzania but for one’s own enjoyment and self-fulfillment.

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